Frequently Asked Questions

1What means LED?
Led means (L)ight (E)mitting (D)iode is an electronic device that lights up when electricity is passed through it..
The Led (light emitting diode) is a semiconductor light source.
The Leds are used as indicator lamps in many devices and for lighting.
Introduced as a practical electronic component in 1962. At first the low LEDS emit red light, but modern versions are available across the visible ultraviolet and infrared wavelength with much high luminance.
When a light emitting diode is in operation the electrons are able to recombine with holes inside the device releasing the energy as a photon.
This effect is called electroluminescence and the color of light is determined by the energy gap of the semiconductor.
The LEDS have many advantages over other light sources filament:
•Eco Power energy.
•Longer life.
•Durability & reliability.
2What is lumen?
The lumen (symbol: lm) is a measure of the total amount of visible light emitted by a light source.
3Why to switch to LED lights?
•LED lightings are 30-50 % more efficient than CFL (compact fluorescent) products.
•LED lightings have better design.
•LED lights are free of toxic chemicals and 100% recyclable. They do not contain mercury or other harmful gasses.
•LED diodes have an outstanding operational life time expectation of up to 50.000 hours.
CFLs have an operational life less than 10,000 hours.
•To save money by decreasing power consumption dramatically.
•Reduction on the burden on the Air conditioning of a building.
•Reduction cost in replacement costs for bulbs and labour expense, due to longevity of LED lighting.
•Easy to install.
•Low heat emissions.
•They do not emit ultraviolet (UV) radiation and don not contain mercury.
•Recommended for vast usage in all types of areas and circumstances.
4What is the color of LED chips?
White light LED’s can be produced in a range of white colors, usually grouped into 3 categories:
• Warm White (2700K-3300K): This one most closely matches the color of incandescent light and is most used in the home to create a warm atmosphere.
• Natural White (4000K-4500K): This color of light is brighter white and does not have a yellow component feeling. It is typically used for office, retail, workshop lighting environments etc.
• Cool White: (6000K-6500K): This color of white light tends to have a bluish tone. Lights in this category are typically used in manufacturing and high brightness environments.
5What does IP Rating (IP20, IP65 etc.) mean?
The IP rating (Ingress Protection) of an electrical product shows the strength of the enclosure that surrounds the electrical components or the level of protection against water and liquids, wet and dust.

IP Rated Enclosures - quick find chart :
First Digit (intrusion protection)

0 No special protection
1 Protection from a large part of the body such as a hand (but no protection from deliberate access); from solid objects greater than 50mm in diameter.
2 Protection against fingers or other object not greater than 80mm in length and 12mm in diameter.
3 Protection from entry by tools, wires etc, with a diameter of 2.5 mm or more.
4 Protection against solid bodies larger than 1mm (eg fine tools/small etc).
5 Protected against dust that may harm equipment.
6 Totally dust tight.

Second Digit (moisture protection)

0 No protection.
1 Protection against condensation.
2 Protection against water droplets deflected up to 15° from vertical
3 Protected against spray up to 60° from vertical.
4 Protected against water spray from all directions.
5 Protection against low pressure water jets (all directions)
6 Protection against string water jets and waves.
7 Protected against temporary immersion.
8 Protected against prolonged effects of immersion under pressure.

6What is 3528?
3528 means the size of SMD chips in millimeters - 3.5mm x 2.8mm.
7What is 5050?
5050 means the size of SMD chips in millimeters - 5mm x 5mm.
8How often do I have to replace the LED bulbs?
LED diodes have an outstanding operational life time expectation of up to 50.000 hours.
9How long is 50.000 hours?
• 6 years (If you leave on the LED lights 24hrs)
• 12 years (If you leave on the LED lights for 12h per day)
• 14 years (If you leave on the LED lights for 10h per day)
10What guarantee comes with our LED bulbs?
Led Master CY offers a 2 years warranty on all our LED products.