Product Description

The HDL KNX M/R16.10.1 relay module can supply 16 channels with a current of 10A. This module is able to support diversified devices, and can be applied to any solution which requires switching control.

1. Zero power consumption

Using a high performance magnetic launching relay the M/R16.10.1 does not consume any power. This is because the relay is only trigged by a DC pulse, a constant DC power source is unneeded.

2. Reliable

Each of the 16 channels that the module outputs to support 10A. Due to the inclusion of a 16A magnetic relay, the module has a guaranteed stable performance, and lower maintenance requirements. This built in redundancy ensures the module has a long and efficient service life.

3. Multiple loads

Thanks to the built in 16A magnetic relay, the module can handle a 500A current surge. This enables the module to switch multiple loads from a wide range of sources. From lighting, heating, motors, transformers, valves and power sockets, this module unifies and streamlines control into one simple to install and operate package.

4. Heating function

Pulse Wave Modulation (PWM) allows heating devices to be efficiently managed, as a desired temperature can be easily maintained. This makes the HDL KNX M/R16.10.1 ideal for situations where precise temperature control is needed.

5. Light Protection delay

Each of the modules 16 channels feature a power on protection delay time, this delay time is adjustable from 0-60 minutes. This delay protection safeguards any lights that are connected to the module, ensuring they have a maximised life expectancy and provide hassle free service.